Design and Color Reverse Engineer

Design and Color

Photo: LA Times

This image was an ad campaign directed by Rihanna to launch her seasonal collection. The ad was meant to give a sneak-peek into the personality of Rihanna: to be bold and expressive.




The contrast between the left three-fourths of the page and the right one-fourth of the page makes this ad visually appealing and catches your eye. Your eye is immediately drawn to the models on the left side of the page and then gravitates to the text. The contrast of the models and the text create an ad that is visually interesting and appealing.




Repetition is the strongest and most prevalent element of design in this ad. All the models are wearing identical pink wigs that cover their eyes and solid black clothing. The black of the clothing is repeated in the color of the text. The uniform look of the models in their hair and clothes really places an emphasis on the product that this ad is trying to show off, the socks.


Color & Design- Alignment.png

The alignment of this ad makes it very easy for your eyes to follow. The middle of the ad is aligned to create a natural flow. The alignment and proximity of the text are easy to read and it is easy to understand that this is an ad for the collaborative socks. From the models to the text, everything in this ad is aligned and organized. Not only does the alignment make it easy on the eyes, it makes it look professional as well.


Color & Design- Proximity.png

All of the related items in this ad are grouped together and show their relation. The text “Stance X Rhianna” is in close proximity so that the audience knows that the Rhianna and Stance collaborated on this collection. Also, the proximity of all the model’s legs shows of all the different styles of socks. They are grouped together to illustrate that they are all apart of the same collection.



Pink and black are the main colors that are used in this ad. The pink background against the black text and the black clothing shows the creative inspiration that Rhianna had for her collection: “baby goth punk”. The light pink wigs against the darker pink background is an example of combining different shades and tints of the same color.


The different elements of design and color choices were all very thought out. This ad is a perfect representation of the “baby goth punk” look that Rhianna was trying to achieve with her collection. From the bold black text to the pink wigs on all the models and the various shades of pink in the background, this ad made quite a statement. The ad is eye-catching and easy to follow. There is the perfect amount of white space so that your eyes have time to rest. Overall, this ad is edgy and fun, just like the socks in the Stance X Rhianna collection.