Typography Reverse Engineer



Photo: Janel FitzSimmonds

This ad was created for Sprinkles Cupcakes by Janel FitzSimmonds. She is a photographer and graphic designer. Her logo redesign and product advertisement are simple yet stunning.

Typeface Number One

The first typeface used in this ad is an oldstyle font. The serifs on the lowercase letters are at an angle and they curve where they meet the stem of the letter. Another characteristic that makes this an oldstyle typeface is the diagonal stress on the letter, like the “O”.  Since oldstyle is a classic and easy-to-read typeface, it’s a perfect fit for the words “The Original” on the advertisement.

Typeface Number Two

The second typeface, used in conjunction with the first, is a script. One characteristic that sets this typeface apart from the others is the appearance that the font has been done with a calligraphy pen. It is recommended that script typefaces be used sparingly, so this typeface was the perfect accent to the advertisement.

Contrasting Typefaces

Although the size and weight of the two typefaces are similar, they contrast in other categories. The structures of the two typefaces are very different. The oldystyle typeface has serifs, and the script typeface does not this adds contrast in the structure of the two typefaces. Also, the use of capital letters and lowercase letters creates a contrast in the form. Another form of contrast is the use of two different colors. The brown and the pink provide contrast to each other, while still tieing into the image on the advertisement.


The different typefaces used in the advertisement were chosen carefully and correctly. While the two fonts contrast eachother, overall they work together nicely to create this beautiful ad. The typefaces and fonts we chose have a big impact on our designs. If a combination of two typefaces look good together, try to find the similarities between the two. It is similarities between two typefaces that cause problems. The contrast in typefaces is not only visually appealing but also adds to the organization and coherence of the information that is being presented. The best advice when creating contrasts between typefaces is “Don’t be a wimp”.


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