Magazine Spread

Magazine Spread FINAL

Brick Wall

Learning how to navigate and use InDesign was tough, to say the least. In the words of President Uchtdorf, “My learning curve was more like a brick wall” (Ensign, 2016). I knew that practice would eventually make perfect, so I spent hours on my laptop watching countless youtube videos and playing around on InDesign. Thankfully, the design that I ended up with was nothing like the one I started with. I started with a pink, white, and black color scheme which I really liked. However, as I started to think about who my audience was, I thought that pink, white, and black may not be for everyone. The article that I used for my magazine spread is a conference talk. So, the audience is not only all the members of the church, it is for investigators as well. I decided to switch from the girly color palette to a more neutral one that everyone could enjoy. I also changed the background picture a few times as well. I had forgotten that I had taken this picture of the Rexburg, Idaho temple one day after class in the fall. Although I own a DSLR, I did not have it with me so I snapped it on my iPhone. I loved the fall-colored trees against the glowing white of the temple and the blue-grey skies. I love the way it changed my project. I also played around with a lot of fonts in the beginning, but once I found fonts that I really liked, I did not want to change them (they are probably the only things I did not change). I wanted all of the pages to have a cohesive look to them. In order to achieve that, I chose to put gray colored accents on all of the pages.

I am typically scared of change. I am a creature of habit and I like things a certain way. However, when it came to this project, I welcomed change and I embraced it. Sometimes changing one thing meant that I would have to change five more things, and I was okay with that. Change made my project better. I really like the opportunity I had to receive constructive criticism from Sister Van Sistine and my classmates because it made me look at my project and change it for the better.


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