Icon Set


When I read the requirements for this project, I immediately began to think of what icons I could make.  I would think of an idea, but as soon as I thought about it how I would make it in Illustrator, I would abandon the and try to think of something easier. After I had done this time after time, I realized that this project was going to be hard no matter what. I knew I wanted to do icons that meant something to me, so here are my San Francisco icons.

I imagined that I was working for the city of San Francisco and they needed icons to put on maps, road signs, and many other things. The icons had to display some of San Francisco’s most beloved attractions: The Golden State Bridge, the painted lady houses, China town, and cable cars. It can be easy for tourists to get lost in the city, all the one-way streets can be confusing, so the goal of these icons is to help the tourists find their destinations.

The color scheme for this project was something that I had a hard time deciding on. I wanted the bridge icon to resemble the bridge but I also wanted the painted lady houses to look like the real painted lady houses. Something had to give. I decided to stick with a red, yellow, and black color scheme in hopes that the icons would catch people’s eyes. San Francisco is a very colorful city, so I wanted the colors to be bold and hopefully stand out.

Just like all the other Adobe programs, Illustrator took some time to get used to. I think I must have watched over 20 Youtube tutorials. I felt very accomplished when my project was all done. These are skills that I can use in many aspects of my life.


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