Creative Ad

Bright Ideas

The goal of this project was to get familiar with Photoshop and combine multiple tools to create an advertisement. The product I was assigned was lightbulbs. The people I was trying to sell them to were men and women who had just graduated with their masters and doctorate and had a salary of more than $90,000. Since this is a well-educated group, I wanted to make an ad that would appeal to them. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around saving the Earth and “Going Green” and I wanted to play off of that. So, I thought that having light bulbs grow as flowers would be a good way to communicate the idea that these lightbulbs were good for the Earth.  I wanted my color scheme to convey that message as well. When I think of the Earth, I think of blue and green. After all, the Earth was my inspiration for this whole project.

I had this idea in my head of exactly how I wanted my project to look, but when I went to find pictures to use, none of them matched the ones in my head. After what seemed like forever, I finally found a picture of flowers that I liked. I had to remove the background and take away all the tulips off of the stem. Then, I found a picture of a lightbulb from the Public Domain Archive. It was really important to me that my ad had a nice blue background that contrasted the dark green and looked like a nice, blue sky. I was able to find the GE logo as a stock photo.

In the beginning stages of my design, all of my typefaces were white and did not tie into the rest of the ad. It did not look bad, but once I made the catchphrase green I really liked the way it tied in with the plants. I also wanted to find a font that was easy to read but also stood out.

At first using Photoshop was difficult, to say the least. However, after the worksheet, I felt a little bit more comfortable with the program. The more time I spent on the program, I started to understand the tools better and I could really manipulate my design to make it what I wanted to be. I am so happy with the way my ad turned out and I can’t wait to be more creative.


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