Slide Design

A Message from the Heart (and Diet Coke)

This project required me to use my skills that I have been learning throughout the semester, and apply them all in one project. The requirements of this project were simple. We were instructed to find an ad and then create a new ad that looked like they could be in the same campaign. So, they had to have similar styles, fonts, colors, everything. Then we had to create slides that illustrated the design elements in both the new ad and the original ad.

I found an ad by Diet Coke that was part of the “love what’s inside” campaign. I decided to create another ad that would match and be part of the same campaign. My original design idea was to have another girl in a dress and to fill the dress with positive words, just like the original ad. I felt like the campaign was directed towards women since there was a woman in the photo and we are typically the ones being told that its whats on the inside that matters. I spent hours getting that ad together, but I never really loved it. I get this feeling when I am really proud of one of my projects and I just didn’t have that feeling. Then I realized that I did not love my ad because I had only recreated the original ad. It could have been part of the same campaign, but it was not that different.

I was a little late in the game, but I decided to change my ad. I wanted it to look like the original ad, but not be exactly like the original ad. I decided to take a Diet Coke bottle silhouette that I found from stock images and I made it a custom shape and I filled it with text. I wanted the greyscale style from the original ad to carry over into the new ad. I tried to recreate the gradient look of the original ad background on my new ad. I tried to match the font that Diet Coke used in their ad, but it was impossible to find. So, I browsed through hundreds of fonts and tried to find a similar handwritten font. It was important that the font looked handwritten because it goes along with the theme of the campaign. As I started to see the final product, I had that feeling that I normally get about my projects. I was proud of it. Even though it took me a lot longer to finish, I am glad that I changed my ad.


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