Dexter the Peacock: A Literal Flightless Bird

United Airlines put Dexter the peacock on the No Fly List after his owner tried to take him on a flight as an emotional-support animal.

On January 28th a Brooklyn artist named Ventiko tried to board a plane with her emotional support peacock named Dexter (who probably has more followers on Instagram than you do) at the Newark International Airport. Much to Ventiko’s and Dexter’s dismay, United Airlines would not allow Dexter to fly on the commercial plane.

Typically, airlines receive a lot of negative backlashes when they kick people off a flight, but not this time. United Airlines handled the situation very professionally and I think everyone on that flight would thank them for not allowing a peacock on their plane. Peacock screams are probably 10x worse than baby screams.

This event also occurred during a time where many airlines are reviewing their policies concerning emotional support animals. Current guidelines from the Department of Transportation states that “unusual animals are evaluated on a case by case basis”.

United Airlines also released a statement that said, “We know that some customers require an emotional support animal to assist them through their journey,” and then continued by saying, “In order to ensure we provide the best service to everyone onboard our flights, consistent with government rules we currently require these customers to provide documentation from a medical professional and at least 48 hours advance notice.”

Not only did United Airlines come out with a well-spoken statement, they also mentioned that they told Ventiko on three separate occasions, prior to them coming to the airport, that they would not allow Dexter to fly.

I was very impressed by the efforts that United Airlines made to prevent the situation in the first place, but also to clarify and resolve any misconceptions with the public. What could have turned into a huge PR nightmare, was a calm and controlled situation due to the efforts made by United Airlines before and after the flight.


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